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Ketogenic Diet Challenge – Journal 2

Ketogenic-Diet-ChallengeIt has been around 8 months since I completed my first Keto style diet challenge. It was an experience that is for sure as I watched my body change from a flabby mess to something fairly toned up in just a few months.

I won’t go into any more detail about that but if you are interested to read my experiences then you can go to – My Groovy Fat Loss Method – Day 1.

So, a bunch of months have flown by and in that time I enjoyed the benefits of summer in Spain with my new slimmer and healthier body. As the summer season began to wind down I decided to attempt another fat loss challenge. This time I would not combine it with the juicing diet.

You see, in my first challenge I went through a week of detoxing my body. It basically involved me eating absolutely nothing at all for one or two weeks. All I was allowed to ingest was healthy fluids or juices from fruits and vegetables.

It was the first time I went on any kind of juicing diet and I have to admit it was fairly tough for me. Not so much because I found it difficult to stick to it was more to do with how expensive it became.

You would think that drinking juices all day would be cheaper than actually eating something. In fact, it was the opposite. I spent a lot of money on fruits and vegetables each day for two weeks. Fresh foods are very expensive and the worst part was that most of the palpable part of the fruit or vegetables was thrown away.

Anyway, that aside, I would definitely recommend a juicing diet at least once a year just to clear out the toxins in your body. After the initial first few days I felt pretty good and if it wasn’t for all the expense I would have continued to have juicing weeks throughout the year.

After the juice diet was over I had already lost a few inches around my waist which kick-started me on my way to the Ketogenic Diet or otherwise known as low-carb diets.

Around October 2013 I decided to prepare for another diet challenge for 2014. That would mean eating everything and anything I wanted for the next few months until I got to a fairly flabby size…..just as before.

Oh yeh, those 8 months of eating chocolates, crisps, (potato chips), fried foods, processed foods, pizzas, fries, burgers, candy….you name it.

I ate and ate and ate. I wasn’t being greedy though….I just ate whatever I wanted without thinking about the eventual physical consequences.

Month by month my belly grew bigger and my ass started popping out of my trousers, (pants).

So here I am now…here…today!

It is nearing the end of April 2014 and I have begun my new Ketogenic Diet.
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