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Ketogenic Diet Diary – Day 23 – Weight Loss Stall / Plateau- No Change In Measurements

Ketogenic Diet Diary – 2017
Day 23

It has been a pretty average week nothing major to report. I have been sleeping well for the past few days and find myself awaking earlier in the mornings even if i went to bed late the night before.

My depression has been under control for a few weeks now…it’s always there but I am able to push it aside this past week by giving myself more projects at work. The evenings are still the worst and sometimes I get light cravings for sweet snacks but it is not as powerful a feeling as it was in the first couple of weeks.

I am starting to experiment more with my evening meals and have discovered some new and tasty recipes that are low in carbs but are also very filling. One of those meals was a baked eggplant with mince and cheese. It tasted amazing and I will definitely be eating that again!

I measured and weighed myself today and discovered no change in either a loss of weight or size. I wasn’t shocked because this is normal for keto diets. Here is a great explination I picked up from Reddit:

Fat loss and weight loss are two separate things, you’ll have swings in weight loss but your fat loss is constant as long as you keep a caloric deficit. After you lose the initial water weight you’ll slowly regain it as your body adapts to keto, this means that you can have rapid weight loss during the first three weeks and then a really slow loss (or plateau) for several weeks, sometimes months, when you gain back those 5-10 lbs of water. During all this time you’re still losing fat if you’re keeping a caloric deficit, the fluctuations is body weight (water, food in the digestive system) are just masking the fat loss.

Say you’re at a caloric deficit of 500 kcal, the first three weeks you’ll lose 21 * 500 = 10,500 kcal, which is 10,500 / 3,500 = 3 pound of actual fat. On top of this you’ll lose the 5-10 lbs of water, so you might see it as this:

Week 1: 5 lbs (-4 water, -1 fat)
Week 2: 3 lbs (-2 water, -1 fat)
Week 3: 2 lbs (-1 water, -1 fat)
Week 4: 1 lbs ( 0 water, -1 fat)
Week 5: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 6: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 7: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 8: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 9: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 10: 0 lbs (+1 water, -1 fat)
Week 11: 1 lbs ( 0 water, -1 fat)

So you lose “weight” the first weeks as you lose both water and fat, and then at the fifth week you stall as you start gaining back the 6 lbs of water. If you gain back 1 lb of water weight per week you’ll have six weeks of stalling before you start losing 1 lb per week again, and by that point you’ve actually lost those 10 lbs in real fat (four weeks of weight loss, six weeks of stalling, but actually losing 1 lbs of fat per week). You might gain back more water, or less water, or more rapidly, or less rapidly, you might seem to gain weight or only lose after plateaus.

The most important thing to remember is that weight is not the only indicator of health. As long as you’re eating at a caloric deficit (and meeting your daily protein goals), you’ll be losing fat. If you don’t see the scale moving, focus on the other health benefits:


Keto Diet Day -23

CHEST: – 42 Inches
WAIST: – 42 ½ Inches
HIPS/BUTT: – 41 Inches
Flex – 14 ½ Inches
Unflex – 13 ¼ Inches
Flex – 14 ¾ Inches
Unflex – 13 ¼ Inches

BODY FAT % – 31%

WEIGHT – 210lbs

Keto Diet Day -23 - A  Keto Diet Day -23 - B  Keto Diet Day -23 - C

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