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Ketogenic Diet Diary – Detox

Ketogenic Diet Diary – 2017
Detox Day 1 – 6th March

Before I start the Ketogenic Diet I plan to cleanse my body for a few days to get rid of some of the toxins and other crap that has built up over the past couple years. Fruits and vegetables will be my main foods and I will allow myself to add a little salt, olive oil and a tiny bit of Greek yogurt to salads for flavoring.

I can eat these foods raw or cooked although raw would be best nutrition wise. I can eat as many fruits and veg as I want during the day although more veg would be best. I will not be doing any specific exercises during this period as it will only be between 3 and 7 days.
For fluids I will drink just water…warm or cold. I may dip an herbal tea bag into a cup for just a few seconds for flavor but nothing else.

I started off ok this morning not eating anything until 10am. I went out for a bit to get some things and then got back home to eat a carrot, celery, banana and an apple. I drank two cups of warm water with a tiny amount of herbal tea dipped in.
It is now 3:30pm and I am starting to feel a tiny bit lightheaded. Nothing serious, I just do not feel as sharp…I have to think about things a little longer. I do have a constant feeling of hunger but it is not very strong. It is more a feeling of wanting food rather than needing because I have been eating.

CHEST: – 45 Inches
WAIST: – 46 Inches
HIPS/BUTT: – 42 ½ Inches
LEFT THIGH: – 25 Inches
RIGHT THIGH: – 24 ¾ inches
Flex – 15 Inches
Unflex – 14 Inches
Flex – 14 ¾ Inches
Unflex – 14 Inches

KDD - Weigh 1

225.6lbs – 16.11 stone




KDD - Week 1 KDD - Week 1 KDD - Week 1

Detox Day 2 – 7th March

Last night was terrible! I had a major headache start from around 7pm and kept going all the way up to around 10pm when I just had to get to bed. No matter hoe much water I drank to try to re-hydrate myself the pain in my head just kept coming. It must have been a combination of coffee and sugar withdrawal…but I am guessing it was mostly coffee.

I just felt so tired and weak by the end of the night that I just had to get to bed. It was a cold night too which may have helped me get a better sleep. I had to get up a ton of times to go to the bathroom though; but that is normal considering the amount of water I drank.

This morning I woke up feeling like crap. I drank some herbal tea and ate an apple and a carrot. All day I felt very odd, low and did get a depressive attack in early afternoon. The depression just knocked me out and I had to lay down for a bit. I went out later in the day and cycled to a shopping mall to get some keto food in preparation for when I get it started.

Generally today has been one of those crap days. Just gotta roll with it and hope tomorrow is better. For my evening meal yesterday and today I ate a salad with a little olive oil and some salt. Just real boring stuff. Later I will munch on an apple and maybe a banana.

Detox Day 3 – 8th March

Well I slept like a baby but I woke up feeling like crap…mentally. Physically I was a little weak but generally ok. I knew I would struggle mentally with this change in diet. After drinking a couple of cups of water I ate a carrot and some celery. Within an hour I started feeling really low and knew straight away I was going to get another depressive attack.

It hit me pretty hard this time and I was in a bad way for an hour or so but I have been here many times before and know that there is nothing I can do to stop it once it takes hold. All I can do is let it happen but try to do something to counteract it. I usually go out cycling or something.



Check out my 3 Day Fruit & Veg Detox video below:







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