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Ketogenic Diet Diary – Preperation

Ketogenic Diet Diary – Getting Keto Ready Before The Storm

The decision has been made, my mind is set and I am ready to move forward. I am sick of feeling unhealthy, unfit, weak and tired all the time. I will begin my “diet” soon but before that I need to prepare.

My plan is to start off with a few days of detoxing my body. I did this once before a few years back using a juicing detox and it worked wonders. The only thing negative was how expensive it turned out to be. Plus, I didn’t like the idea of throwing away all that pulp that was a result from using the juicer machine.

The detox itself really cleaned me out and cleared my head. I didn’t feel too great during the first few days but after that I started to feel different. You can check out my juicing diary here.

So, because of the expense what I will do is a variation of the juicing diet…I will be eating fruit and vegetables for a few days up to a week. I might go on for a few days longer it all depends how I feel. But three days to a week is a good time to allow my insides to clean out.

So for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all I will be eating is a variety of raw fruit and vegetables. In the evenings I may steam the odd veg to make things a bit more interesting but the steaming process will only be for a few moments. As for drinks…water…and only water.

My detox guidelines:

  • Start the day with a large glass of filtered water with lemon or cucumber slices, (in the water, for an extra fresh taste).
  • Consume only liquids, (green juices, non-dairy smoothies, herbal tea, filtered water) and fruits and veggies every day.
  • Keep drinking tons of filtered water throughout the day.
  • Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, as many as I like throughout the day.
  • About 80% of my diet will be comprised of raw foods, and 20% can be cooked.
  • I will avoid all dairy products, meats, fish, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine.

It’s that simple. It’s gonna be hard for the first couple of days. I expect to suffer some major withdraw symptoms due to my recent excess of sugars and other bad foods. I will probably have a bad headache and not sleep too good either. Yeh…it’s gonna suck but I WILL be getting better.

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