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Ketogenic Diet Diary – Week 2 – Lost 6lbs In 7 Days!

Ketogenic Diet WK2 lost 6lbsKetogenic Diet Diary – 2017
Week 2 – 13th March – 19th March

Lost 6lbs In 7 Days!


I had another restless night tossing and turning and just not being able to get to sleep. I tried to hold out as long as possible before getting to bed because I wanted to be as tired as possible but it made no difference. I know some people have trouble sleeping while on a keto diet but and I am hoping that it is just all due to the changes going on in my body right now.

I bought some multivitamins and some 355mg magnesium pills to help me get through the first few weeks of this mild keto flu. I am trying to keep my electrolytes up but may need to also look into getting some potassium in there too.

My stomach still feels a little odd with its rumbling in the evening and that is not because I am hungry. Although a little uncomfortable and somewhat annoying I am not going to worry about all these changes going on because I know it is all part of the process.

I mean, for the past 2 years I have been piling on the fat by eating high carb foods that are not very good for me and then suddenly I stop doing that and totally change my eating habits. Of course this is going to have an effect on my body, mentally and physically. I need to give it time to adapt.

On the positive side I have lost over an inch around my waist already, (even though it is probably mostly part of the water weight), and I dropped 7lbs in as many days. I can expect more changes to occur over the next few weeks.


Lordy, lordy what a terrible night! I have been having trouble sleeping since starting on Keto, (although I am not certain this is the main reason why I can’t sleep). Last night was one of the worst. I took a Melatonin pill to try to help me get to sleep and it didn’t do a dang thing!

I know a lot of the advertising pushing Melatonin as a “natural” sleep enhancer is pure BS but I wanted to give it a go anyway. Yeh…it’s BS. I have a bunch of bad dreams, I felt nauseous and dizzy…but I wasn’t sleeping. Much of this could be due to the fact that I am in the induction phase of a Ketogenic diet…but still…it didn’t feel right.

So for about a week now I have been getting up in the middle of the night because for some reason I suddenly didn’t feel tired anymore. To make things even worse my internet AND cable TV had gone down due to the gale force winds going on outside.

Today I am really feeling it. I have the symptoms of Keto Flu although I am not really sure if I am in Ketosis yet or not. I haven’t had the time to go buy some KetoSticks to check if there are any ketones in my urine. I will get on that as soon as the weather dies down.

Regarding food, I am trying to keep to my chosen macros. I know I am definitely getting enough protein each day and I think I have been able to keep my carbs below 20 grams per day but I am struggling with my fat intake. I usually end up at an average of around 50g less than I need each day. I try to find fatty foods to eat but I am finding it difficult.

My calories are always slightly below my calculated amount for each day. At this rate I will easily lose a pound or more per week. I am aiming for roughly an 18% deficit for now which is perfectly doable but I think I am hitting more like 20% at this rate.

The savory food cravings are almost gone but my sweet cravings are still lingering. My apatite has dropped considerably but that is mainly because I am already bored with the food I am eating.  Mentally I am low but really too tired to get a full on depressive attack. The bad thoughts are lingering but because I feel so tired today they kind of have less power over me right now.


I actually slept well last night…I can’t believe it! It has been days since I had a good night’s sleep…finally I was able to sleep the whole night through. To most people sleeping is a trivial thing that happens naturally but when you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in days you mind and body are effected.

I woke up feeling refreshed…and this is rare for me due to the continuous lack of sleep. So good to feel, “normal”. I don’t know if this will last, (I doubt it..), but it is nice having a clear head for a change. Not getting enough sleep or a fitful sleep can really increase the chances of regular depressive days.

Anyway I had my usual 2 cups of warm water as soon as I get up. There are many benefits of drinking water before breakfast and so I try to keep this a regular thing. After about half an hour I ate a hearty breakfast of 3x fried mushrooms, 2x scrambled eggs, a piece of canned ham and an ounce of feta cheese. All washed down with more warm water and a multi-vitamin pill. Everything a growing boy needs!


I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I am not sure what the issue was this time but I woke up with heartburn which was quite painful. I am still overweight and so I expect some heartburn because I am prone to getting it a couple times a week at least. Once my waist goes below the 40 inch mark I hope that should solve that issue.

I had a really strong metallic taste in my mouth this morning which is classic ketosis. I had a bit of a metallic taste a few days ago but not as strong as this. I hadn’t been able to test for ketosis because I did not have any ketoSticks but I am guessing that I have been in ketosis for at least a couple of days now.

I bought a pack of KetoSticks today and just tested myself…and I am glad to say that I am officially in ketosis. The stick showed a very deep purple which means I am deep in ketosis and can probably ease up by eating a few more carbs. At the end of the day how deep I am in ketosis is not as important as being in ketosis…at no matter what percentage.

I had a feeling I was in ketosis because I was able to function quite happily with only a good breakfast inside me. I did a lot of cycling and I still feel perfectly fine…no desperate need to eat something; although I did have a tin of sardines after I got home from cycling.

So now my body is slowly adapting to using fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. This is good news because now I can concentrate on trying to make my meals a little more interesting because right now I am so bored with my choices.


I slept well last night. I was dead tired from not sleeping well the night before. I have been in ketosis – officially – since yesterday and today I feel pretty energetic but I think I still need some time to adapt.

I had my usual cup of warm water this morning and went out for a short cycle. I got back and ate 4x fried small button mushrooms, a slice of British tinned corned beef, an ounce of feta cheese and 2x scrambled eggs.


It’s a Saturday and the weather is nice so I decided to go on a long cycle ride to a secluded beach I know of. I bought a new mountain bike yesterday and so this little trip would be the perfect way to “break it in”.

I had my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, some ham and mushrooms all washed down with a couple cups of warm water. I packed my bag with a few slices of salami for lunch when I get hungry on the beach – (yes, you read that right…just a few slices!).

I felt perfectly fine cycling to the beach. I had a good amount of energy and I wasn’t really pushing myself…I was just trying to stick to an average speed the whole time. I did get a little hungry while on the beach and so I ate about 5 slices of salami and amazingly that did the trick.

Riding back home was a lot harder. My energy levels were lower and my shoulders ached from carrying a fairly heavy rucksack. It was later in the afternoon and I guess it was time to eat. Considering I had gone a number of hours on just a few slices of salami I think I was doing quite well. I rode about 10 miles there and back…which isn’t much but I am happy with that for now.

Lost 6lbs

It looks like all the struggling was worth it because I lost another 6lbs in weight. It looks like that weight loss was spread out over my body rather than mainly around my waist…which is what I would prefer. Nothing I can do about that, the body will lose the fat where it wants to…I even lost half an inch from my neck.

When I look at my photos I still look like a total mess even after such a good amount of weight loss…it is quite disgusting, I really let myself go this time! At this rate, if I can keep it up, I should be down to a “normal” size by the time summer comes along.

CHEST: – 44 Inches
WAIST: – 44 ½ Inches
HIPS/BUTT: – 42 Inches
LEFT THIGH: – 24 ¼ Inches
RIGHT THIGH: – 24 ¼ inches
Flex – 14 ¼ Inches
Unflex – 13 ¼ Inches
Flex – 13 ¾ Inches
Unflex – 13 Inches

CHEST: – 43 Inches
WAIST: – 43 ½ Inches
HIPS/BUTT: – 41 ½ Inches
Flex – 14 Inches
Unflex – 13 Inches
Flex – 14 Inches
Unflex – 13 Inches

BODY FAT % – 33%

WEIGHT – 213lbs

Ketogenic Diet Diary Week 2

Ketogenic Diet Diary Week 2  Ketogenic Diet Diary Week 2  Ketogenic Diet Diary Week 2


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